Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11th Lesson Plans

As many of you know, September 11th is a very important day and sad day in modern America. The terrorist attacks in 2001, kick started a chain of events that changed not only America, but the world forever.Each year, a new generation is born farther and farther away from this devastating attack and do not know a world before the wars with Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Syria.

Flags on my college campus for 9/11

As a future history teacher, it is important that I and other educators teach our students about September 11th and the consequences that followed the attacks. Below are a few lesson plans and activities that deal with September 11th. Please comment if you have ideas of your own!!

Kindergarten to 2nd Grade:

  • Strategies on how to deal with grief: Reading the book Children Also Grieve and creating memory boxes or colleges. 
  • What is a hero: Student will formulate what they believe a hero is, discover heroes in their own life, and relate this to September 11th by being read the book September 11 (We the People). 

3rd Grade to 5th Grade:

  • A Lens into 9/11: Using photographs and student experiences as a guide to help students write about September 11th. 
  • The heroic actions of passengers on Flight 93: Uses readings, voicemails from the passengers, and pictures to facilitate a discussion on what is a hero and how these passengers were heroes. Use this lesson for students to think what they would have done in this situation. 
  • The Red Cross in the aftermath of 9/11: Students learn about the history of the Red Cross and their involvement with the aftermath of 9/11. There is an optional service project that teachers can do with their students.  

6th grade to 8th Grade:

  • Islamist extremism in the last 20 years: Students research Islamic terrorist attacks of the last 20 years and look at the similarities to the attacks on 9/11. They research the beliefs of the terrorist and how these attacks affect the world as a whole.  
  • Global responses to 9/11: Students compare the first three pages of the book September 11th, 2001. Students will read and analyze how global and national papers reacted to 9/11. They will create their own article on 9/11 from the perspective of another country. 
  • Airport Security Vs. Civil Liberties: Students use articles, videos, and political cartoons to prepare for a silent debate on airport security and if it is protecting us or taking away or civil liberties. 

Do you agree that the attacks on September 11th should be taught in school? Are you a teacher and want to share what you have done in your classroom? Have anymore great ideas?
Please comment below!!

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  1. September 11th should NEVER be forgotten. It's a day that forever changed American history. <3

    As for being taught in schools, so long as its the TRUTH, we need to be reminded and taught.

    Thanks BUNCHES for the follow and comments today, Miss Littlefield. Really appreciate both - I hope you enjoyed your visit and know you are welcome anytime. :)

    1. Hello Rissi,

      I really enjoy your blog, so I am positive I will be around commenting some more.

      That is a really good point about teaching the truth and not just a biased version. All side of the story needs to be told, not just the "winner's" side.

      You are welcome on my site anytime and I look forward to more correspondence.

      ~Miss Littlefield

  2. I agree, September 11th is important and should not be forgotten. Great post!

    1. Thank you! It is a day that hopefully we can all learn from and use to remind ourselves to appreciate out loved ones.

      ~Miss Littlefield


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