Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Party Ideas

There is officially 74 days and counting till the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who!!! I know many of you are having a viewing party too. Here are some of the ideas that I am planning on incorporating into my party.  Please feel free to share your ideas in the comment section.


The invitations to the party will be styled after the blue invitations that the Doctor sends out in "The Impossible Astronaut". Random Creativity has a brilliant blog on how to make the invitations.


The decoration I am going to spend the most time on is turning the front door into the TARDIS. I plan to make it out of blue wrapping paper, black electrical tape, and construction paper.

One can also put a lamented picture of the Face of Boe in a fishbowl. This would be a good table center or side decoration.

Picture from Milwaukeemakerspace

It would be fun to draw cracks in the walls or mirrors and write Bad Wolf in random places for people to find.


                                                          Picture from Superliz6

This Cassandra and water spray bottle would be hilarious! "Moisturize Me!!!"


The 10th Doctor's hand in a Jar!



Fruits and Veggies consist of celery sticks for wearing not eating, bananas: because you should carry a banana, and apples with smiley faces.


                                                    Photo from Baking For The Office

The Appetizer will be the Flesh Queso dip in a body shaped cake mold.

The desserts will consist of Darlek cupcakes (wrapper covers can be found on etsy), Jelly Babies, Cakes with ball bearings on, Adipose Babies, Shortbread "fish" fingers and custard, Brownie Bowties, and Jammie Dodgers.
                                                     Darlek Photo by CharmingMadness                                                         
                                            Photo from Photo from Baking For The Office


                                                      Photo from brianofmorbius




The Eleventh Doctor's Screwdriver Drink: recipe can be found here.


                                                        Photo from thedrunkenmoogl

The Doctor Who drink list



There are many different activities one can do leading up to the show and during the show.

BBC has printable masks of the flesh, weeping angels, cherub angels, the silence, the master, ood, silurian, peg doll and smiler  if you click here. One can print these out for people to take pictures with or if someone forgot a costume.

You can create your own Pin The Bow Tie on the Doctor game. The closest one gets a small prize.

During the show, your guests can play Doctor Who Bingo!

What do you guys think of these ideas? Do you have any more to add to the list?

Have a wonderful afternoon,


*Note: These pictures are from Pinterest. I have tried my best to supply sources, but it can be hard with Pinterest. Please contact me if you are the original poster and would like me to source you.*


  1. Wow, talk about some really, really awesome ideas. I LOVE them! Can't say I can think of things to add right this minute, except I do recall seeing a picture of a TARDIS chocolate box somewhere, which I really, really want to make at some point.


    1. I will have to search the web for the TARDIS chocolate box. It sounds really cool!!

      Thanks for commenting!

      ~Miss Littlefield

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